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Below are some resources that I (Devon) found indispensable in scriptural study, as well as researching and constructing what I hope to be a Biblical worldview. Though this list is not exhaustive and is constantly curated, my prayer is that it will be a helpful tool and starting point for those who have come across certain recurring themes in my writing and wish to dig deeper, or simply wish to supplement their own Bible study.

It goes without saying, but though the list below contains books, articles, and other resources that I have found to be life-changing and nourishing to my walk with God, I do not completely endorse every claim of every work.  

If you have any comments, questions, or supplements to the below content, I am always eager to hear your recommendations. Please drop me a line at 





The Hebrew Bible

New Testament, Blessed Hope Translation

The Hebrew English Interlinear ESV Old Testament

New Bible Commentary

New Bible Dictionary

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Holman Bible Atlas

The Sacred Bridge Atlas

A History of Israel

Topical Surveys 

The Gospel of Christ Crucified

Unseen Realm

Reversing Hermon

Son of Man: The Gospel of Daniel 7


Isaiah by the Day

The Prophesy of Isaiah: An Introductory Commentary

Bible Study Methodology

The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers

Brief Insights on Mastering Bible Study

Eschatology (General)

Islamic Antichrist 

One Thousand Years with Jesus

When a Jew Rules the World

Jesus, the Tribulation, and the End of Exile

The Controversy of Zion


The New Christian Zionism


Poised for Harvest, Braced for Backlash

Trinitarian Faith and Today’s Mission

Understanding the World’s Cultures 

Israel and the Great Commission

Unto Death: Martyrdom, Missions, and the Maturity of the Church

Mystery of Catastrophe


Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer

Red Moon Rising 


Second Temple Jewish Apocalypticism

Paul Within Judaism







Covenant and Controversy Series

Sheep Among Wolves Series

Enduring Witness

Websites and Apps

Fighter Verses


Logos Bible



Blue Letter Bible

Step Bible

Blessed Hope



Bible Project

Daniel Training Network

Joel’s Trumpet

Kalev Creative

First Fruits of Zion

Aleph Beta


The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast

Bible Talk

Exploring My Strange Bible

Studies in Torah: Biblical Frameworks for the Jewish Narrative

The Better Beautiful

The Winepress