Before Jesus entrusted the disciples with the holy mandate to “go into all nations” proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, He walked with them on the road to Emmaus. (Luke 24:13-35)

There He opened the Scriptures (Luke 24:27, 32), opened their minds (Luke 24:45), and opened their eyes (Luke 24:31) to see His great glory and worth. Their hearts burned within them (Luke 24:32). Compelled by love, they scattered to the far corners of the Roman Empire declaring, “There is another King!” (Acts 17:7)

Before the whole world turned upside-down with the message of Messiah, men of Cyprus and Cyrene preached the gospel across ethnic lines in Antioch and sparked a revival across the Mediterranean basin. (Acts 11: 19-30) Antioch became a place where, because of the faithful gospel witness of Jewish believers scattered in the face of persecution, the grace of God was evident. This community of steadfast saints worshiped, prayed, studied, and launched the first missions movement. With a newfound focus on preaching to nations and engaging everyone with the gospel, this fellowship received a new name: Christians.

Being equipped for the task of preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom began with an “Emmaus road encounter” through FAI’s ministry school. It is continuing in “Antioch”—a community of prayer, study, and sending in Madaba, Jordan. Here is the story of the connecting of those two points on the map.