Sojourners in Strange Lands
After 7 weeks of classes and learning at the feet of men and women of great faith, the students split into smaller groups and traveled to three main regions over the course of a month: the Arab world, the Turkic world, and the upper Mesopotamian world, to get hands-on apprenticeship and exposure to work going on amongst these people groups.

The Arab World: Jordan

Our group's first stop was Jordan. Jordan is currently a bastion of stability in the midst of neighboring countries polluted by war and hostility, a place where many Arabs continue to find refuge, and an environment where the Arab tongue is spoken and understood similarly by all the region’s dialects. While there, we were able to worship with Jordanian nationals as they ministered through a prayer room in Amman, we visited refugees from Syria, and we traveled to the unreached southern part of the country.

The Turkic World: Northern Cyprus

The Joshua Project lists Turkish Cypriots as an unreached people group, and there are currently no known churches amongst them. Many workers are diligently laboring and are seeing a lot of hopeful activity. While here, we participated in a women's bible study in Turkish, learned about various church planting efforts, visited a prayer room, and heard from many workers who have poured decades into this people.

The Upper Mesopotamian World: Kurdistan/Iraq

FAI is currently doing emergency medical relief amongst the Peshmerga and internally displaced people (IDPs) in Iraq. Because this is on the front lines of the war with ISIS, the pace was a little different here than in our other locations. We helped pack hygiene kits for distribution, helped with "pop-up" clinics in Mosul and UN Camps, distributed food and water, and prayed with and shared the gospel with hungry and thirsty people. This all happened while west Mosul was still being shelled, and most areas that we passed through were completely devastated. Watch an FAI Update on work in Iraq