Walking with Giants


Sometimes the difference between finishing the race or just giving up is the people who run with you. I can say that my teachers and fellow students in the Emmaus School of Ministry were, without exception, amazing and “provoking” people. Amazing in their love for Jesus, their passion for his gospel, and their courage to reach the lost and the least in a region fraught with hostility. Provoking in the way they encouraged me to grow in my faith, knowledge, and love.

The students came from many different backgrounds: Canada, the US, Curaçao, Puerto Rico, Ivory Coast, Laos, and Australia. The teachers, too, had varied nationalities: Persian, Israeli, Bulgarian, and American, to name a few. It is incredible to see the breadth and depth of knowledge within the global Church, and a privilege to learn under such wise people.

Throughout this 12 week school, this fellowship of burning hearts were the main way that Jesus transformed and molded me, preparing me for my next assignment.


From expositing the word of God, to training on how to preach the gospel and plant movements, to learning the essentials of Islam, to explaining the value of hospitality—teachers from all over the world came to impart their wisdom and experience to our little cohort.

Most of the lessons (except for those taught by underground church leaders) are recorded. Feel free to listen in to the teachings. I hope that they will edify you as they have me.

Download Emmaus Teachings